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Main address: 9197 South Peoria Street 80112-5833 Englewood Colorado
1-800-835-3832, 1-303-397-8100, 1-303-397-8199,
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  • $7K claimed losses
  • $586 average
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  • Oct 20
  • Ex Employees
  • Computer Problems
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  • 1
  • 836

I thought that this would be a good job, be at home no commuting. So I found out the first day they were very unorganized, and they would leave you hanging for hours before they would tell you to call back to setup. They had several at a time on the line trying to get there computer up and running. When they got a hold of my computer they went in and took off my Virus Protection, and got rid of... Read more

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  • Oct 01
  • Ex Employees
  • Employment Process
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  • 1176

In the early stages of your online application they have you check a box for your minimum pay requirements. I checked $10.50 - $11.00 per hour. It takes about three hours to go through the first round of assessment testing. Then you have an automated "interview" where you answer some questions. This takes about ten minutes, and mind you... there is no contact with a human. It is probably reviewed... Read more

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  • Sep 29
  • Ex Employees
  • Employee Experience
  • 371

i want to believe that tele tech has much to offer, but am some what doubtful. all i want to do is work and advance in any job i'm in. should i apply and take the word for it or learn my rights in mexico before i apply then if they do me wrong i can take legal messure so that they wont ever take advantage of another worker again. we do have rights dont give up. they think they can get away with... Read more

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  • Sep 29
  • Ex Employees
  • Melbourne, Florida
  • Benefits Denial
  • 495

I busted my *** for teletech, even going so far as to be made a permanent employee. They immediately started screwing with my insurance benefits. First they removed my wife with no reason, then my son (causing me to be in violation of a court order), and every time I tried to use the Benefits, the benefits were denied. I was constantly told "Contact HR". I sent HR an email asking that since I... Read more

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  • Sep 20
  • Ex Employees
  • Working Conditions
  • 440

I have several concerns with this company. i have only been with them a few months, and its a brand new facility so i plan on lots of changes. however, when they tell me that if i get off the phone to take a pee break before its time for my break, it counts against your break time. they say get a drs note and when you do, it still counts against can that be? my other concern, is... Read more

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  • Aug 29
  • Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Customer Support
  • 395

Phoned for support from this company. A problem with their system that should've taken about five minutes to resolve. Spent over an hour on the phone. They kept asking if I still wanted to fix the problem.... Well *** no... I phoned and held for a hour just to keep having problems. Then after an hour they said someone will call me back in 24 hours..... Then no one calls back... I phone AGAIN... Read more

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  • Aug 21
  • Professional Services
  • Working Experience
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  • 1
  • 875

Currently Working for teletech with our project weight watchers. So far the job is great. Been working for almost 2 years now. But with the repeated tech issues i been having. Told that it is my fault, And i been extremly sick and been trying to find someone to cover me which is EXTREMLY impossible within the same day that you need to call out. Just made this job EXTREMLY insane. Pay is WAY too... Read more

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  • Nov 18, 2012
  • Ex Employees
  • Employee Support
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  • 1811

I had seen the ads for teletech@home workers for a number of years. But for some reason I steered clear of them even though I had been looking for an at-home position. I'm PHYSICALLY disabled and working from home, of course, would have been the ideal thing for me.(That is until a became a TELETECH EMPLOYEE) Having worked at several internet based, outsourcing companies in the past (without ever... Read more

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  • May 19, 2012
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Somerset, Pennsylvania
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  • 2
  • 1198

It sounds pretty good in training-5 hour shifts, performance based pay raises, 15 minute breaks, breaks in the first three hours of your shift- BUT-Yes to 5 hour shifts- NO raises, (they are on 'hold' with the economy, but you only find that out after you are hired) 10 min breaks, and the break time changes like the tides. So they dangle a promotion to 'Coach' as a reward for good... Read more

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  • Sep 28, 2011
  • Customer Service
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Customer Service
  • 13
  • 13
  • 979

I work at teletech and it's horrible up there. They'll do fundraising for heart disease, march of dimes for pre-mature babies, cancer and etc. But when their own employees call off sick with a doctor's excuse, they write them up. Sure they do schedule broking but they expect you to get better in one day. I had a panic attack on the floor one day and I left to go home. I got a verbal warning and... Read more

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