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If you think for one moment that you will have a great job with TeleTech! You best keep looking, TeleTech was my first work at home job, and I was hoping for the best. Yes, they made it sound good, they promised, they just didn't do. I worked for several months, made it to permanent part-time was given benefits but no medical which I needed for my newborn that was coming soon, however, did TeleTech or the worthless people that sit at their desk,... Read more

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Teletech work from home is a lie! They tell you they are going to send you a check and to deposit it into your account then they ask u to send a money order to someone else for equipment and its *** i knew something wasnt right ao i called my bank before i made any purchase of a money order for Mr. Michael wellman who can only be contacted via google hangout and now my account with my bank is closed.. Its *** they are just trying to scam into... Read more

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Wonderful experience! Found out one of the Executive's identity was stolen along with the open positions. Then contacted the company which were helpful on Monday. Today, tried to contact them to let them know that I contacted the FBI to report additional fraudulent activity. Front desk kept sending me to voice mail. Nice..... So *** they didn't get it or could careless that their HR was being used in a scam. Nice company.....a person tries to... Read more

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As a customer... I am done with Tele-Tech. they have screwed me over as a customers several different ways... And I am done with them. They took almost 1 year to get rid of a hacker off of my account and the only way they could do it by me deleting reward zone account. BIG TRUST ISSUE ... They promise gift cards as a resolve... LIES... Never received one... They send me to different departments not even associated with the problem... Read more

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All these posts are form the scammers. They set up an elaborate internet fraud. They use a real company name for the work form home scam that involves them sending money to buy a computer and software when they are after your bank account. They want to wire transfer the money and need all your bank information. The money they put in is fake, the money they withdraw is real and you are scammed. If you get the fake fraudulent cashiers check or... Read more

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The new version of Workbooth turns off your User Account Control, and doesn't turn it back on when your shift is over with. This is not a good thing! UAC is a very important security feature, and we are required to buy and maintain our own computers for work. They are not reimbursing us for the computer in any way, so it is not right for them to treat the computer as if it belongs to them by overriding UAC and not even spelling out to the worker... Read more

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I currently work for TeleTech and A wonderful Program that we cover. At the start I was thinking this was not the job for me. However after being there, for 6 months I was given a full-time position as an Agent. To this date, I am enjoying my work that I do @home Services as a CSR. While there is time, the system has problems that we work with, there is not one person server, or anything type of business that is 100 percent perfect. I have... Read more

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Teletech has major issues with tech in work at home. I have a good system, though experienced an issue and their tech services fixed it, but ate up two hours of my shift. I couldn't clock in for that time and emailed my supervisor to fix this on my time card. I was told that because I was not taking calls for our customer that I would not be paid for that time even though it was an issue with Teletech's software. It's not like they pay well... Read more

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I also work at TTech, I was hired @home for a new client that needed bilingual agents. Poor training, blind leading the blind setting, every mistake is always agents fault, no one to complain to, racial discrimination was evident, but what can an @home agent do to try discussing issues? nothing, endless, endless tech issues, always agents system, when main form of daily communication is via chat, as all virtual job environments are, all @home... Read more

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yes I hate teletech they are a liar they aren't together and they don't care 2016 don't ever try working for them they are one big joke crazy *** they just suck I can't do a 100 words they fool of *** they *** what else more can I say I bad experience with them I don't want to encounter anything else like this I've never had nothing this terrible in my life I've never so many people who don't have they self together it hurts because they really... Read more

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