In the early stages of your online application they have you check a box for your minimum pay requirements. I checked $10.50 - $11.00 per hour. It takes about three hours to go through the first round of assessment testing. Then you have an automated "interview" where you answer some questions. This takes about ten minutes, and mind you... there is no contact with a human. It is probably reviewed by a computer to determine in the first 15 seconds of speaking if you can enunciate words or if you are a total mush-mouth.

Then they give you a list of USB headphones and tell you that you must purchase one so you can go through a systems test. I plunked down $50 for this. Then they tell you to sign up for an "offer call" which takes about an hour. There were about 30 people on my call. When they said the offer was for $8.00 an hour you immediately saw people dropping off the teleconference. Instead of immediately hanging up, I watched for about 30 seconds more. When they were down to a handful of people still on the call, I hung up.

This is pure bait and switch. How dare they have you indicate a MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE PAY and then waste many hours of your time and make you incur the expense of buying a headset only to tell you the job is for $8.00 per hour!

What a sleazy operation. I would never think of working for such a company. They just play the numbers game and probably have about a 2% recruitment rate for everybody who applies. Their hope is after spending so many hours of your time and being forced to buy the headset you will feel "invested" in the process and will be so numb you will agree to less than what you clearly stated your minimum was. Of course... you got the blue-sky treatment during the offer call and they made sure they told you how much they love to hire from within.

This is an operation to avoid at all costs as they begin the whole process in what I feel is a fraudulent manner. To top it all off, my computer is not operating properly after all their proprietary software was loaded onto it. Unbelievable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Teletech Recruitment.

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I agree


I swear for a second I thought I had somehow "sleep-typed" this the above post. The exact same thing happened to me...I'm also unemployed and cannot afford a professional repair.

But here's what you can do (it's what I did), you have to go into your comp and are essentially restore it to Factory Fresh. Mind you this will erase all, ALL of your files! But it's the only way to get rid of the bs on your comp. I have Norton and like you they told me to disable my virus protection - and I need a job so I did it.

Installed MS Essentials and everything! Effed my comp up!!!! Even after the assessment was over I uninstalled all that *** they had me put on there and it was still *** up my comp. I reinstalled Norton, did several virus sweeps, but nothing helped.

Comp was slow; shutting-down by itself almost every hour; going to The [Dreaded] Blue Screen - it was crazy. I knew my comp could keep on handling all of this. It's like a car overheating; if you don't fix it at some point the whole joint is going be just a pile of junk! So then I backed-up all, ALL of my comp files on my Norton Cloud Drive online, and proceeded to restore my comp to Factory Fresh Settings.

I can't give you a step-by-step cuz all systems are different but, you should be able to access it by hitting f8 / f1 immediately after turning on your comp. Also make sure you either back-up all your files online or by a disc and save everything that way so that you can download / reinstall all of your files later.

I don't know if you have programs other than "necessary" files that you'd want to reinstall, but I'd leave them off for awhile after doing the factory refresh at least until you get your virus protection back on and I'd delete any Teletech files that you have or that might get inadvertently saved and them reinstalled later. Ugh, I know it's crazy out here, but keep your head up!!!!


I am so glad I saw this before I wasted my time!!! I hate that I let their *** download on my pc!!


Thank you for sharing this, as I was on chat with their rep who fed me scripted *** every time I asked a question about pay or schedule. Will NOT be applying!!!


was this an at home position or a call center position?