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I had seen the ads for teletech@home workers for a number of years. But for some reason I steered clear of them even though I had been looking for an at-home position. I'm PHYSICALLY disabled and working from home, of course, would have been the ideal thing for me.(That is until a became a TELETECH EMPLOYEE)

Having worked at several internet based, outsourcing companies in the past (without ever experiencing any problems). I came across Teletech's ad for BestBuy. com CSR's. Passed the all of the assessments and background check. During on-boarding process I had the option of selecting how I wanted to get paid...paper(check), plastic(debit card), or direct deposit...I have difficulty getting around on my own so naturally I opted for a debit card.

Going through training with a few minor WB issues, no worries...On the very first pay day a PAPER CHECK was issued and it arrived 3 days after the actual pay day. A CHECK? What happened to the COMDATA DEBIT CARD that I opted for. Spoke to trainer, trainer advises me to go to Self-help and update my online profile or contact HC for assistance.

Well, Self-Help was not help at all. Numerous error messages would not allow me to change my payment method. And HC which is human capital (resources) never answered their phone. Hurricane Sandy hits NY making it just a little more difficult to get anywhere in the city. As luck would have it on the very next payday another paper check arrives 3 days late. WTH? Now I have to find a way to cash this check...be advised that NO check cashing establishment in NEW YORK will touch a TELETECH check. Even Pay-O-Matic which is a lesser known check casher refused to cash the check without some verification. from someone in payroll. It took me 4 days to find a check casher who is willing to try to help me cash this check...but she needed to speak with someone in payroll to verify the validity of the check and the company. I WALKED from one check casher to another in my area trying to find someone to take this check. Called DIANE N. in payroll several times over the course of 4 days to see if I could get this issue resolved but she was never available. Debbie, her alleged backup, was also never available.

Now here is where the *ISH really hits the fan...Payroll has ONE person who addresses ALL of the pay related issues and she never seems to be available to take your calls. DIANE N. is actually based in CANADA. The company is in Colorado and if you're an employee trying to get any assistance the company you're just SOL. Did I mention that I still have the uncashed check in my possession? I had to get a NYC policeman to put me on the bus back home after my last venture out to cash this check...BROKE and quite frustrated now. And I resigned from the position 2 days ago.

Let me just say this, TELETECH@Home is not an employer who supports their employees. Even though they consistently stress your need at act like you're in a brick-n-mortar environment and should act accordingly. The company itself will treat you like the virtual employee that you are and ignore you because there is no one for you to deal with face to face. Or hands-on if you know what I mean.

Their corporate office has two very polite people who diligently answer the phone and will expeditiously transfer your call anywhere they think is should go. Payroll and Human Capital are a joke and it appears that there is only one individual supporting each of these employee related functions.

TeleTech sucks and they need to address their "internal issues" with Payroll and HC immediately. Their customer service skills are atrocious. Problem resolution is not existent. There is no escalation or recourse if you have a problem with either of these functions. Working for this company has been the worst work at home experience I have ever had.

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I'm currently working for teletech @home and in the training process. Let me just say that so far...

these people are all over the place. They don't seem to be organized at all and I've literally had to ask my trainer to please stop CHEWING while speaking with us. Disgusting.

Unorganized, chewing on the phone, general poor teaching.

These are the people representing your company, Teletech. And I am not impressed.

Right now I'm not sure that I'll stay on after the training or not, if I can make it through this month.


Silly question. But why check cashing places? Depositing into the bank would be cheaper and more logical


Sorry to hear that you dislike teletech@home. My daughter and I both have @home jobs and have always been treated fairly.

The human capital has people available to us to chat with a live agent on a specific website that is easily accessed. Also... The site for payroll is super easy to maintain and update your pay options, address, bbenefits... Etc.

We have. Both worked for them for over five years each. They have great benefits.

I am disabled also. I really feel like everyone who is a team lead or supervisor will give agents the best advice on how to access anything you may need during your err employment there!


Did you not consider mailing your check to your bank? If you have mobility issues rather than running to check cashers why not mail the check to the bank?

I work for Teletech and they do have some issues as any company, but failure to get your pay check is just not one of their issues.

Pay day is Friday, my check is in my bank account on Thursday mornings without fail. If you cannot open a bank account, try opening an account with a Credit Union.


Ok.. sounds like you need to get a bank account.

Everyone knows setting up debit cards / direct deposits take a little time.

I worked for Teletech and they were nothing but honest and helpful. Great benefits too.


I have to disagree as well. i have worked for teletech since 2012...

now for Intuit - Turbotax and I love it.. the punches get messed up every now and again but you can eventually get them fixed. I always got my pay correctly, maybe you just had a bad experience??

the first check is ALWAYS usually a paper check...it seems like each year is different and it depends on your line of business too. I love working for turbotax, i did not like best buy as well


I have to disagree. I have been working with teletech since and I too started with best buy as a CSR.

I also opted for the comdata paycard. Your first check with teletech will always be a papercheck and then the option you chose to set up will proceed after the first check.

I have never had issues with anyone with teletech. yes you have a lot of tech issues but that happens when you work with electronics.


I worked for them and currently works for them, and i never had this issue. This is why you need direct deposit or they give you the option of a card.


I worked here and you're lying. Contact was more than awesome; maybe you just dealt with bad person but dont throw mean words to the company. They're a reputable employer and I am ready to go back now.


I can feel you on this as this company has almost endless technical issue with their system, and about the only thing that I got from my month of training was familiar with calling ASD over the relentless glitches, and bugs that plague their overly complex systems.

So, after training was completed, I left the position because of their unreasonable screw ups.

I was eligible for rehire after my departure, and received a call back asking me to jump back in to the job with Best Buy HTA about a week and a half ago, and despite my better judgement I accepted the offer.

Unfortunately this was not to be either due to tech problems, and the company had managed to mess up my profile so that I could not log back into Workbooth.

I have been as yet unable to get in touch with the individual who called me with the offer, and time is running out now, and Monday is the 2nd.

All I can say is WOW, the ability for this company to mess up technically is almost magical. STAY AWAY!!


I have had a similar situation with Best Buy training. After endless technical issues, I was asked to withdraw from the current training due to missing so much time (dealing with tech support).

I noticed my paycheck was extremely low, and spoke with Diane. She informed me they do not pay employees for any time spent dealing with tech issues!


Can you please recommend me any work at home company since you have worked in this area? I am trying to find some legal and fair one...

I am mom of a 3yrs old and need to stay at home for a while. Thank you




Well put. They will not address these issues so long as they can continue to blame it all on the lower level grunts.

This happens every *** year and the same *** causing it continue to thrive while lower level employees get the '*** flows downhill' treatment. I have dealt with Dianne myself and she is a *** on wheels.

Count yourself fortunate you didn't have to speak with her. :(


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This whole bathroom break stuff is a joke right... I currently work for teletech @ home and have no issues with my employement...

They don't force you out because you have to miss work. I recently had surgery and my team lead did everything she can to find me coverage and work to get me days off. No I was not wrote up for my health issues and was even offered to take a personal leave of absence until I was well enough to sit up and work my shift. The whole thing with the pay from previous posts...

obviouslly you didn't read the material provided to you when signing up for that comdata card it tells you that it can take 2 pay periods for the card to come and your pay to be deposited on your card, but I guess thats what happens when you don't read terms and conditions. and for all the people who are talking about they have issues and want to file a complaint there is always We Here You where the legal department will do a full investigation of your concerns. The only ligit complaint here that I have seen is that they have been stingy with the raises but thats not hidden from you and when I asked was told up front the how and why of it. Usually you get out of it what you put in to it.

If you find yourself complaining about how *** this place is maybe its you! considering there are thousands of us employees who are happy with our jobs and don't have petty differeces that we need to complain about.


Teletech sucks...and it seems that they hire employees who are illiterate as well... :x


Oh just you wait. I was singing your tune once too.

They will get around to trying to bump you out eventually.

Anything to prevent entrenched management from having to experience anything resembling competition. :grin


Sounds like you are one of the lazy yr TL everyone is referring to, or you're one of the ladies that handles the paychecks and don't want to accept the responsibility for the mistake you made with this person or anybody check for that reason. Either way you're a fraud, now I've never had issues with receiving my pay on time, on fact I receive my pay via DD two days in advance, but I still wouldn't recommend working for teletech to anybody.