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First don't be fooled by the ad stating the amount of hours you can work a week and that the scheduling is flexible. It's flexible if you can get someone to switch with you and as I found out today what my schedule was no one wanted to switch. Why? Because my schedule was Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 9-2pm CDT. The time was great but I have class on Saturday and I don't work on Sunday and that's how the schedule went.

Now backing up to when I first started, orientation was a 8 hour phone conference with 48 other people so imagine how signing in was. Now the first day of training went the same way. People having hard times logging in, programs not working, passwords the same...I did feel bad for the teacher. She was so patient and understanding!! So from the rest of the training it went similarly the same except that the class started off with 49 and it ended with about a little over 30.

They dropped a bomb on us because it was Best Buy's reward program where we were only suppose to be doing rewards but we had to learn how to take orders and sell stuff. They're lacking support so we were going to get thrown to the wolves earlier than we were suppose to.

They try to cram 6.5 hours of learning down your throat and you can't get the hands on training you need because programs and passwords won't work.

I will put one teacher on blast and that's Edith or Edie. She was impatient and threatened to kick people out of the class because someone's headphones kept causing so much static!! I felt bad that she was sick but come on!

I now have two sets of headphones :(. The good news is altogether they only cost me about $32 and some change.

Know this, if you have the patience of being on the phone 6.5 hours a day 5 days a week and can deal with the schedule they give you then go for it.

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Next time, if you try Teletech, go for the Intuit TurboTax program, they are a lot more flexible and the training is way better. I have heard reviews from employees that worked the best buy program and its all bad reviews. Teletech is cool, its the right client you have to apply for.

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