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I briefly considered joining TeleTech after I left Convergys, back in '13. I was looking for another call center job, but wanted a work from home position.

I found one, can't remember what the project was about but it wasn't the Turbo Tax project as this was in August or September of '13. Anyways, I looked at the job posting, filled out the application, took the assessment and passed, then waited for an email or phone call. Before I applied though, I read the job posting carefully. Nowhere in the posting did it say anything about it being a seasonal post.

Also, if memory serves me correctly, I could swear it even said something about it being a permanent position, but I could be wrong on that, as it has been a couple of years. Anyways, I got an email, then went into a conference call with about 10-20 other people on the line. The lady recruited who was telling everyone about the posting told us that the wage was $1 an hour lower than what the job posting said. That was strike one.

Then she said that There would only be one week of training, then one week of mentoring/nesting, then we'd be on the phones on our own. That was strike two. Then she said the position was seasonal and expected to only last 2 months. That was strike three.

I then spoke up and said, "Ma'am, I hate to interrupt you, but you are conveying information that wasn't in the job posting I applied for. Either your company is intentionally misleading people with that post in an effort to get people investing their time into it so they won't cut bait with you, or you're misinformed about the details of the post. Since you're a recruiter, I don't really think the latter is the case. So, this is where I will bid you 'Good Day,' and I will be declining your offer of employment.

I also will not be applying again, since it's clear your company is either shady, or one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Either way, I refuse to work for a company like that. You take care now. Bye." I waited a few more seconds and listened to her stammer, then I disconnected the line and continued my job search, even though at the time I was unemployed.

I couldn't really find a decent call center job at the time, so I went back to the fast food industry, where my working career began, in the meantime so I'd have some income coming in. After a year or so, I moved on to Dollar General and became an Assistant Store Manager there. While working there, I found teleNetwork, based out of Austin and San Marcos TX, offering work from home jobs. On a whim I applied because they were offering much better pay than I was making at Dollar General, not to mention Dollar General sucks.

I started at teleNetwork back in October 2015, and, while they're certainly not perfect, they are truly the best company I've ever worked for and couldn't be happier. Anyone interested in applying should go to telenetwork.com .

Product or Service Mentioned: Teletech Recruitment.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

TeleTech Cons: Being misled.

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Teletech worst job ever!


I currently work for Teletech, or ttec now, but that will be changing as of today. I work on the Allstate work from home position.

The initial ad I read was for full time and also about a dollar more an hour. Once I made it to the orientation, all that changed. I stuck with it as I had just moved to a different state and needed the money. I work from home and have to use my computer.

I haven't had any issues with my computer or the USB stick I had to purchase in order to do this job, until recently. My stick stopped working so I followed the procedure...let your team leads know and call their support. The tech ended up doing a remote session into my PC. I told him if he did what he was about to do, it would freeze my computer up, which was one of the issues I was having...so he did it anyway and my PC froze up.

This caused me to do a hard reset. He eventually wanted in to my personal desktop to make some adjustment with the stick. Long story short, what he was doing kept freezing me up. I spent several hours on the phone with him, but he just kept doing the same exact thing and was getting the same exact results.

I eventually started getting the blue screen of death, which I advised him of, but it didn't seem to matter to him, he just kept doing the same thing over and over and over. I finally disconnected the call after telling him what he was doing obviously wasn't working and now I'm getting the blue screen errors. I got wrote up for disconnecting this call, and several more write ups followed for just the pettiest of the pettiest reasons. My sup was not responsive most of the time when I would inform her of my issues.

They have a policy where if your issues are on your end, they won't pay you for your down time, understandable. My issues are obviously because of this USB stick I have to use, yet I have not been paid for the last few weeks. Nobody has listened to my concerns with the blue screen errors and they just kept on wanting access to my computer. I eventually refused to let any of them back in.

When I advised my team lead of this and told her I wouldn't be letting any of them back in and asked who else I could talk to about my blue screen errors I am now getting because of the techs, and my pay, she suggested I call the support back and talk to blah blah blah. I stopped listening at that point because she wasn't listening to me. I am going to attempt to contact HR today and start the process of a million reasons why they won't be paying for my time lost or repairs on my PC. I have not been able to take calls for about three weeks now so there will be no paycheck this week, again.

They don't care about my issues they have caused and the time I've lost due to their ignorance and refusal to listen to their employee. My tl has been standoffish at times and was mumbling under her breath at me while in a meeting with just her and I. She is extremely unprofessional as is the entire company. I would not suggest you even apply here as it is simply not worth it.

Management is lack luster, at best, and I am sure that is the reason they have lost the contract for my line of business. Two big thumbs down for TTec


I am a current employee of Ttec, hired in February 2018. They used the same bait tactic to reel me in, as well as the other candidates at that time.

They had advertised a work-from-home data entry position.

I applied, then days later, they had closed the position. During the orientation, they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about.