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You should STAY CLEAR of this pathetic, corrupt organization! This company has been the worst experience I have ever had in my entire career.

The management considers its employees second and runs it like a sweat-shop. And dont forget the EEOC violations/charges of age, race and disabilities that have been brought against them.

Just think of them like BP on the IT side..No Ethics, No Morals, ruin lives and No reason to be in business.

I fully agree with the previous review...They are well known for coming up with "bogus" reasons to have people fired and then fight the benefits that employees righfully deserve.

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I agree with you 100 percent. And watch out if you make a boss mad. They will lie to their bosses to have you fired.


Totally agree


you get sick, and have a dr note, your still in being counted against with occurrences that you can not get credited back until you have been not one minute late or had a single sick day for a year before you can get any of your occurrences to roll back off, i dont know who in the world can go an entire 12 months with out getting sick a single day or being a single moment late. Its impossible.

Just like its impossible to get any kind of help from most supervisors here at the NC location, most of them would rather watch movies on the computer while the rest of us scramble to work our *** off and cant get help from any of the "supervisors" except maybe two of them. Those two are not here enough....

dont have time to finish right now i will be calling "we hear you" to finish my complaint because there is much more than i have put in this comment, including horrible training and trainer (not both of them)... horrible situations going on here its ridiculous


Teletech Ttec whatever the name will be tomorrow is the worse unethical company Management is not qualified an certainly do not follow the companies core values yet they keep the high paycheck and make work like *** with no place to turn to for help We hear is a joke!!!!! Constantly messing around with pay it took almost 5 months to get corrected and still is not right nothing can be done. How can they stay in business oh yeah just change names any company that does business with this unethical place needs to rethink remember when you associate with bad company it reflects on you.


They tell you that you have to do these LAM and then when you try to do them, they tell you that you can't do them now and then you are off the next couple days and when you come back your system is locked because you didn't do them in a timely manner, and when you try to find a TL to help you they are either smoking or to BUSY (talking with their girlfriend or others)


In the philippines, it is not good to work for... Management does not think for its people, unfair treatment to others, it just think of the money.


i totally agree, Ttec is the worst company


Poor management in SM clark . *** QA and unfair treatment. They just let people leave because they have favoritism


They just want people leave and leave.. and even on the process they are not calibrated.

Specially with my current tl now. I feel like im in *** with him management


Ttech is the worst place to work period on several levels.They just closing Experian project here in Melbourne and did not care about full time employees at all . Horrible treatment uneducated TLs , prejudice ,racists and my advice stay away from this company.


Agree stay away from this company, Melbourne FL horrible management .NO TTECH


Teletech is the worst place to work period on several levels.


I am not trying to be cute, politically incorrect or offensive in any way. But this is the way I saw it when I worked at TeleTech. I find it odd that a company founded by a prominent member of the Jewish community would have supervisors who act like ***.


could not AGREE with you more!!! I have a few other choice words for that place as well... I love how you're told you can't have a schedule change but 5 min later they change the next person's=0( They FRORCE you to call off by refusing an advance request.


I used to wok for Teletech Orillia Ontario and this company loves bottom feeding machines who stink up the place!


Worked for a year as a consistent tier 1 or tier 2. Monthly performance assessment became bi-monthly.

Apparently, they wanted to downsize so they implemented this policy. So much for integrity. And guess what? You don't get to see your scorecard for weeks!

You wouldn't even know your stats but you still get the papers.

Properly resigned but was tagged as AWOL. HC said someone made a mistake in encoding but issue was not fixed.


I have worked for ttech off and on since 2008. Have never been fired and never had unemployment benefits blocked. Maybe you should review your employment performance and ethics.


I work at Teletech right now , and i do like what i do there , but the way they run the place i do not like at all. first off they push you so hard to worry about your metric scores and to stay in tier one but after getting to tier one they seem to always say empower is missed up and then they *** out of your bonus check.

Iv been tier one for Oct/Nov/Dec and finally to day in January I got my bonus check for October . when we were asking about it ,especially around Christmas the managements reply was you should not base you income off your bonus check. Most the people i work with including myself have children ,if anything we have to rely on those bonuses Teletech does not give raises and they pay pretty low as it is!

second issue is the team-leaders/supervisors on the floor , most of them(not all) are the laziest people iv ever seen. I was a restaurant manager for six years ,but had some hard times and lost my job .

had to go on unemployment because of closing down .teletech is the first phone CA job iv ever had ,so i didn't apply for management when they opened, because i felt i had no experience in this field,but then i find out that most the supervisors on the floor , never even went through training and don't even know how to do most of what the ca's do. They also don't ever wanna take a sup call if you get one or fix issues with the *** time clock always gets your time wrong. The other day i noticed when i check what time my breaks were for the day , i showed that i no call no show for the day , and i was there clocked in on time and everything . My team leader was out sick with flu all week so i walked over to another superviser and told him about it, his response was not my team not my problem !

in all my years as a kitchen manager i never once told a server from the front of house something like that , from time to time they might need me to fix there time, or ask me to run a recook out to a table because the front of house manager was busy , i would have never told them, I'm a kitchen manager ...not my problem . you lead by example , and they obviously don't get that at Teletech

lastly , they don't want anyone to have any type of originality . two months ago they decided that they had new rules for cubicles .

you can now only have two photos and up to three reference sheets at your desk , im sorry but with all the system I use i cant remember every code and process on the fly , i have to some times use a cheat sheet and just last month the brought every one these red lanyards and said everyone has to wear there id on them only , like whats it matter who is it hurting to have your own personal lanyard around your neck and the ones they gave us are those *** nylon ones that are made like tow straps you would use in your truck , they scratch your neck and are uncomfortable and there this Nazi Hitler red color which should tell you something about the company

i could go on and on but i wont this is getting too long , but i do love helping people and some days i actually really changed some ones life for the better (i work in healthcare) but i feel Im just a number

and have worth to the company and never will !


I have had similar experiences at Teletech. I called their hotline to report sexual harassment in the workplace, and went on their "we hear you" website and filed a complaint there.

If I don't receive results from doing both of them I will file a complaint with BCBS since they are the ones we actually work for.

Don't give up people. You have a right to be mad and deserve results.


Hi i wanted a job at teletech in guadalajara mexico but was told no because i dont speak usa english but i am full british from leeds yorkshire i was not happy about this as i felt it was not fair as my english is 100%